If you’ve been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, you can count yourself lucky

Yes, you really are fortunate because millions of people around the world have hypoglycemia … and they don’t even know it.

You, at least, have the advantage of knowing what’s wrong with you. You have a firm diagnosis of hypoglycemia. And your doctor has probably given you some guidelines as to what to eat to overcome your hypoglycemia.

There’s so much conflicting advice about the best diet for hypoglycemia

If you’re confused as a result of the various ideas you’ve been told … and read about … I want to share some commonsense about diet that I’ve learned through trial and error during the past 25 years.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you read. You’ll discover you can overcome your hypoglycemia with much less pain … and a much less restricted diet … than you’ve probably been told.

I was first diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1978 … when I was 22 years old. I actually had chronic fatigue syndrome for several years but that wasn’t diagnosed until much later. Fortunately, I came across a wise old doctor who tested me for hypoglycemia with a full 6-hour glucose tolerance test. He confirmed I had hypoglycemia. The problem was, he didn’t really know much about the best diet to eat. I remember him telling me to “eat some cold potato before bedtime”. He never mentioned about not eating sugar!

I read everything I could get my hands on, over several years. And I experimented with all kinds of diets – from high-protein Atkins-type diets to high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets – and all kinds of other diets such as food combining, macrobiotic, Ayurvedic etc.

It took me about 10 years to discover what really worked for me.

My hypoglycemia is totally under control now. I feel great most of the time … unless I slip up and have a binge on something sweet. Then I feel the bad effects for a day or two afterwards. But at least I know why I feel bad!

I’ve written a free report explaining what I have learned about hypoglycemia and diet. I believe it’s the most commonsense approach you’ll read anywhere. And above all, it really works.

You can download this free report now and I’m sure if you follow the advice it contains, you’ll find a new sense of health, well-being and freedom in your life.

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