You can eat SOME sugar if you have hypoglycemia

OK, I’m going to commit heresy in the eyes of the nutritional purists who treat diet like a religion, with strict rules of what you can and cannot eat. Most so-called experts on hypoglycemia will tell you to completely avoid sugar and everything containing sugar – even to read labels for the tiniest trace of …

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Avoid low fat diets!

I have experimented with different diets to see which has the most beneficial effects on my blood sugar levels. I have found the best results with a diet based on complex carbohydrates and adequate protein, with a certain amount of fat to slow down the impact of the carbohydrates on my blood sugar. Fat is …

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9 rules for overcoming hypoglycemia

These 9 rules are covered in my e-book, “Heal Your Hypoglycemia”. Here they are in summary. You will probably be surprised but I’m not just rehashing the same old advice you’ve probably read many times before. I hesitate to call them ‘rules’ because life should not be lived under strict rules and regulations. I prefer …

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My new e-book on hypoglycemia and diet is now ready

I’ve been working working very long hours to get my new e-book finished. And earlier today I got it completed and onto my website! It’s called “REVEALED: The Hidden Truth About Hypoglycemia”. A somewhat intriguing title, I guess. The reason for the title is that some of the main ideas I discuss in the e-book …

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Overeating overworks the liver – and causes hypoglycemia

Most experts will tell you that hypoglycemia is caused by the pancreas producing too much insulin after a person eats sugar or other refined carbohydrates. This excess insulin causes the blood sugar to fall too far, too quickly, which causes a range of hypoglycemic symptoms. Now, there is some truth in this, of course. But …

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The truth about fruit – should you eat it?

For many years I have been careful about eating fruit because I discovered it affected my blood sugar in a bad way. When I stopped eating fruit, I felt an immediate improvement in the way I felt … particularly after meals. Fruit made me sleepy and hypoglycemic. From time to time I have worried I …

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Another question about hypoglycemia

Here’s another question about hypoglycemia from a visitor to my website. Question: I was just diagnosed about 3 months ago, although I KNOW I’ve had it for years. I took the 5 hour glucose tolerance test and after 2 hours my blood sugar level went down to 46. Needless to say, I have been trying …

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Some questions and answers about hypoglycemia

Here is a question some one recently emailed me about hypoglycemia. I’d like to share the question and my answer. The person’s name, of course, is omitted. Question: “Hello. I have just been diagnosed as hypoglycemic and am looking for a diet that REALLY works. Do you by chance have one in print you can share?”

The truth about the glycemic index

When I first discovered the glycemic index a few years ago I thought I had finally found the missing piece of the hypoglycemia jigsaw. I knew from experience it wasn’t just as simple as cutting out sugar. For example, on many occasions I had eaten what was supposedly a “healthy” lunch with no sugar, only to get hypgolycemic symptoms during the afternoon.