Avoid low fat diets!

I have experimented with different diets to see which has the most beneficial effects on my blood sugar levels. I have found the best results with a diet based on complex carbohydrates and adequate protein, with a certain amount of fat to slow down the impact of the carbohydrates on my blood sugar. Fat is …

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Overeating overworks the liver – and causes hypoglycemia

Most experts will tell you that hypoglycemia is caused by the pancreas producing too much insulin after a person eats sugar or other refined carbohydrates. This excess insulin causes the blood sugar to fall too far, too quickly, which causes a range of hypoglycemic symptoms. Now, there is some truth in this, of course. But …

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The truth about the glycemic index

When I first discovered the glycemic index a few years ago I thought I had finally found the missing piece of the hypoglycemia jigsaw. I knew from experience it wasn’t just as simple as cutting out sugar. For example, on many occasions I had eaten what was supposedly a “healthy” lunch with no sugar, only to get hypgolycemic symptoms during the afternoon.